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About Debora

My Story. Our Beginning.

Debora Herndon learned at an early age that there are some things worth protecting. As a resident and homeowner in unincorporated Smyrna for the past 9 years, Debora understands the importance of home, community and a person’s way of life. After voting against Mableton becoming a city, and then volunteering with deannexation efforts, Debora was motivated to run for city council when she realized that there were no plans for the unincorporated areas being included in the Mableton city map and that District 6 needed representation by someone who knows the community. 

With over 20 years of experience working with attorneys whose clients develop large scale real estate projects, Debora knew that becoming a part of Mableton would have a far-reaching impact on those unincorporated areas that were included in the map. Debora plans to work hard as the new city is forming to ensure that the wishes of the residents of District 6 are recognized, considered and incorporated into all decisions. Standing on the pillars of transparency and economic prudence, Debora will advocate for sound financial policies, open communication and outstanding city services.

Debora has two adult children and, in her spare time, she enjoys nature walks, outdoor music festivals and international travel.

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"An honest voice for Mableton"

In order to make a good decision, a person needs to have all of the information.  This is especially true of political office, where there is a duty to represent the people. Debora believes in candid communication where all the details are shared so that the community can have influence over the legislative decisions being made that will impact their daily lives.

Protecting what matters

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Getting anything done requires hard work and tenacity, especially when it comes to creating a new city.  It is important to set Mableton on a strong, solid foundation, where every detail is carefully thought out, so that the citizens benefit from a well-run, financially responsible city.  Debora's diligence, attention to detail and drive will be what is needed to get Mableton off to a good start.

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