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      Let's make cityhood work for us!

Our mission is to shape the new city of Mableton where it works for all people. We want to create a city where transparency and open communication are the standard, where city services are run with excellence, and where the residents of Mableton are put first in every decision made by its elected officials.

All Hands In


I am committed to ensuring that the people of District 6 are made aware of any policies, ordinances, resolutions, and other local legislation being considered that will have an impact on our communities. This goal will be achieved by an open-door policy where I will respond to emails, telephone calls, requests for meetings and other forms of outreach within a reasonable time. I will also post updates on my website outlining what is happening in the legislature

Tax Increases

I understand the concerns that many of you have about the extra layer of government, and the likelihood of tax increases. I share the same concerns. While I recognize that I will be collaborating with five other members of city council and a mayor who may have divergent views, I will work tirelessly to encourage sensible spending, accountability and a commitment to maintaining the same tax rate for the four services that were proposed in the city light model.

City Services

 I will collaborate with other members of the city council to find vendors that will provide excellent service at the best price.  For individuals who will be considered for other services, such as planning and zoning and code enforcement, I will work with the mayor and city council to ensure these individuals are properly vetted, have a background that is in line with the required duties, and who have solid experience and employment history. This would lay the groundwork for city services that are reasonable in cost, but high in quality.

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